Pregnant Shay Mitchell Gets Lap Dance as She Hosts Baby Shower at Strip Club

Shay Mitchell celebrated the upcoming arrival of her unborn baby girl in a very unconventional way — she took a trip to a strip club!

On a new episode of her YouTube vlog series, Almost Ready, which documents her hilarious pregnancy journey, Mitchell, 32, revealed she decided to have a baby shower after originally not wanting one.

The clip, titled Not Your Average Baby Shower, opens up with Mitchell and a few of her friends, some of whom are also pregnant, walking into the Avalon Hollywood to see Magic Men Live!

The women all wore pink dresses in honor of Mitchell’s bundle of joy on the way.

“I’m so excited for this!” Mitchell says as she and her friends are escorted to their own reserved section, which is adorned with pink balloons that spell out “baby girl.” The star jokingly dubs the celebration “baby bachelorette.”

Mitchell and her crew — which included celebrity trainer Nichelle Hines, Arrow actress Elysia Rotaru and Hollywood facialist Shani Darden — are also given pink cupcakes and adorable baby bottles to sip on as they watch the show.

The women scream on in excitement as the men rip of their T-shirts on stage.

“Oh my God. I’m going into labor!” Mitchell says as she fans herself.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend Matte Babel is at home alone and has no idea where she is. “Hey babe how’s it going?” he texts her adding, “Do you guys want snacks?”

However, Mitchell is too preoccupied to reply.

After watching on from the audience, Mitchell is called on stage to receive a lap dance, to which she happily invites.

Following the shower, Mitchell travels home to Vancouver, Canada to see her mom and comes to the realization that she needs a doula.

Mitchell and Babel, 38, meet their doula later on in the episode, who reveals to them that they’re going to need a birth plan and explains to them why they should discuss whether or not Mitchell should give birth naturally or get an epidural.

Mitchell soon realizes that her birth plan won’t exactly go as she expected as her doctor tells her during a checkup that her baby is breached, meaning the baby’s feet are at the birth canal.

Shay Mitchell

As a result, Mitchell may have to have a caesarean section.

Luckily, it’s still a bit early and the baby has time to flip around, which Mitchell encourages at the end of the video by doing a series of handstands.

“Come on!” Mitchell says to her baby girl.

The You star revealed she is expecting her first child in June via Instagram and on YouTube.

Since the announcement, the star has been candid about her journey to motherhood.

Last week, the pregnant actress hit the red carpet at the 2019 PaleyFest Fall TV Previews for Hulu in Beverly Hills, California, showing off her baby bell under a black midi dress, featuring a plunging neckline.

Shay Mitchell

The Beis Travel founder spoke to PEOPLE during the event about her pregnancy, sharing that she’s feeling “great” — and that she’s not planning to take an extended leave of absence from her career when her daughter arrives.

“My entire team knows that there’s no maternity leave for me,” she says. “I do a lot of my work on my phone and I have another company that I run. I love what I do, so for me it doesn’t feel like work.”

Mitchell told PEOPLE that she and Babel “agreed right away” on the name they have chosen for their daughter, whose due date is early next month.

Matte Babel and Shay Mitchell

During a joint livestream with Babel on her YouTube channel last month, a fan asked Mitchell when she’ll give birth. Babel responded, “Early October is when she’s due.”

However, Mitchell thinks the baby will arrive in late September. “Matte is so set on her coming out and being a Libra,” Mitchell told her viewers during the livestream.

“Yeah, I want her to be a Libra,” Babel confirmed, explaining, “‘Cause then, while I’m outnumbered by gender, we’re similar in terms of personalities.”

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