Meghan King Edmonds Admits She 'Wasn't Looking Forward to Mother's Day' After Split from Ex Jim

King Edmonds later shared a video of herself soaking in the special day with a relaxing workout while Estrada took the children out to let her enjoy some "me time."

"I woke up this morning to complete and utter silence, I walk out and I saw that beautiful array that I just showed you, and they're still gone," she said of her children and nanny. "So I'm gonna do a little run on my new treadmill and jam a little bit. Happy Mother's Day!"

The mom of three and Jim married in 2014 after dating for a year-and-a-half and starred on RHOC together, giving viewers an inside look at their marriage and home life. However, last June, sexual text messages between Jim and another woman surfaced.

Though King Edmonds and the former baseball player tried to weather the scandal and stay together, they ultimately split in October 2019, when he filed for divorce amid rumors that he had an affair with their former nanny, Carly Wilson. (Both Jim and the nanny have denied having a sexual relationship.)

In mid-April, Jim confirmed that he’s dating Kortnie O’Connor, a woman Meghan previously identified as a friend with whom they'd once had a threesome. Jim's publicist Steve Honig told PEOPLE the couple is quarantining together at Jim’s massive St. Louis mansion.

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