How to have MULTIPLE orgasms, according to a sexpert

When it comes to multiple orgasms, ladies have the advantage.

A Lovehoney survey revealed 75% of women have climaxed twice or more in a row.

But if you haven’t reached peaked pleasure before, there’s no need to panic.

Sexpert Annabelle Knight shared her big-O tips with the Daily Star Online.

Here are her top pieces of advice.

How to have multiple orgasms, according to a sexpert:

1. Get in the mood

Everything can feel rather overwhelming after you’ve achieved orgasm.

Your body will feel more sensitive and worn out, so it’s best to take things slow.

Set the mood and enjoy plenty of foreplay to get you ready for a second romp.

Annabelle recommends: “You have a better chance of repeatedly peaking if you’ve already been ramped up by outside sexual stimulants  — music, candles, massage, movies, whatever turns you on.

“What you are doing here is building up your sexual energy before you or someone else touches you.”

4. Put your orgasm on pause

Experimenting with edging – the act of pulling away before you reach peak pleasure – will make the final result even more intense.

The relationship expert urges: “Take it slowly and try delaying orgasm until you can’t hold out any more.

“By backing off just before orgasm, then building up and pulling back several more times, you can significantly increase the amount of sexual tension coursing through your body.

“This not only heightens your chances for an explosive first orgasm, it also prepares you for others.

“Your body starts to expect that after you have one climax, you’ll have another, because you’ve trained it to be ready for a rise and a fall.”

5. Avoid roadblocks

Those who put too much focus on the end goal may struggle to achieve it.

Enjoy the moment and don’t pile too much pressure on yourself or your partner.

Annabelle said: “Many women have the potential to be multi-orgasmic, but there can be roadblocks.

“Those roadblocks are often mental, like putting too much pressure on yourself to make it happen.

“A watched pot never boils. Focus on the journey.”

6. Continue arousal

Just because something works for one couple, doesn’t mean it’ll be pleasurable for you.

Try out different moves, techniques and sensations to see which your body responds to.

The intimate guru adds: “After your first orgasm, it all comes down to experimentation.

“If your clitoris is so sensitive that you can’t bear to touch it, loop in the rest of your body.

“Try different kinds of stimulation – playing with your breasts or having your partner kiss you everywhere except your clitoris.

“The point is to continue arousal in whichever form feels best for you. You can return to the clitoris when you feel ready.”

7. Clench those muscles

Kegel exercises can make sex feel even better.

Not only will they benefit your first orgasm, they’ll leave you shaking long after climax.

Annabelle explained: “Focus on clenching your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle by using a kegel exerciser – this is a great way to extend your orgasms.

“This muscle stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. 

“By undertaking kegel exercises every day you will create a more powerful sensation during arousal, a tighter vaginal canal and bigger, better, longer orgasms for all.

“You’ll also gain some  health-related benefits such as improved continence and the lesser likelihood of having vaginal complications post-pregnancy – but we’re mainly in it for the sex.”

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