Dr. Oz On Benefits Of Colonoscopy – A Process That Saved His Life

Mehmet Oz, better known as Dr. Oz, is quite popular for his TV program The Dr. Oz Show which highlights the issues pertaining to health and wellness. Most recently, the cardiothoracic surgeon has been spreading awareness about the life-saving health advantages of colonoscopy – a process that involves examining the large intestine which helps in the detection of colon cancer.

In one of the leading talk shows Today, the doctor told that most people are afraid of the procedure but it turned out to be a life savior for him in his early 50s. He shared his own testimony and revealed that he went for colonoscopy after being forced by many people and despite having no family history of any disease related to colon, he was diagnosed with a pre-cancerous polyp. “It was totally a shock”, said Dr. Oz.

Having benefitted from the method, he now promotes the process and suggests everybody opt for it as colonoscopy not only is a great screening tool for cancer but also facilitates curing the problem. During the conversation, Dr. Oz and the hosts also discussed the current high rate at which people between 20 to 40 are being diagnosed with colon cancer.

The television personality also suggested that it is not required to start the annual colonoscopy process at a young age (below 45) due to the reason that younger people are not very likely to get this type of cancer. The alternative way for people below age should be to remain alert of the symptoms such as continuous cramps, rectal bleeding, and problems regarding bowel movement that could possibly indicate at the disease.

Other than that, Dr. Oz also advises the intake of a diet that stimulates a healthy colon, like rye bread, green leafy vegetables and guess what – you can have gouda cheese too! About the restrictions, he recommended limiting the consumption of alcohol and processed meats. Well, we can manage that, can’t we?

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