Wellness Central: Sephora Launches Sakara Life, Deepens Ingestible Beauty Assortment

The food-beauty overlap may officially be cemented, now that the Sakara Life is launching with Sephora.
The direct-to-consumer nutrition company is launching three stockkeeping units online with Sephora on Sept. 24.
"They told us that they were curating the best in ingestible beauty," said Whitney Tingle, Sakara Life's cofounder.
"They are realizing that the consumer that typically looks to beauty as just concealer and mascara, highlighter, whatever, is now really looking to beauty from within," said Danielle DuBoise, cofounder of Sakara Life. "It signals the beauty consumer base is really ready to talk about ingestibles and beauty from within."
Sakara Life is launching Beauty + Detox Water Drops, $39; Metabolism Super Powder, $45, and Sakara Life Super Powder, $45, with Sephora. The potential to build up the product assortment exists, the cofounders said, as does in-store possibility, though they see online as a good fit for the brand.
"Down the road we could look at going into stores. We really love the online space — most of Sephora's business is done online anyway," Tingle said. Plus, it gives the brand a platform for education, which Tingle and DuBoise noted is particularly important for ingestible beauty products from a nutrition company.
"We've been really picky to date about where our products live, and that's for many reasons, some of which are there's a lot of time and effort that go into creating them, and they take a lot of education on the consumer side for people to really understand what they do and the quality that they have," DuBoise said.
Sakara Life does sell a few products at Free People, but the majority of sales come from online, and Sephora is its first beauty retailer. The duo expects it to bring new customers into the brand.
"We're also looking at potentially doing a co-branded product, as well as extensions of our beauty line in 2020," Tingle said. Right now, Sephora has a co-branded product with Olly, and sells ingestibles from brands like Hum Nutrition, Moon Juice, Vital Proteins and Crushed Tonic.
"Beauty's always been at our core," said DuBoise. "If you think about your mom telling you to eat the broccoli, if she tells you to eat the broccoli because it's going to give you glowing skin, you'll eat the broccoli more. We're secretly taking care of you and putting it under the guise of beauty."
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