Tips from the pharmacist: eye drops properly apply

Many patients find it difficult to use eye drops. How it best works and what Tricks help, children eye drops to administer, explains pharmacist Thomas Benkert, Vice-President of the Federal chamber of pharmacists.

Eye drops be warmed up before application on body temperature, for example in the Trouser pocket. The drops are too cold, stimulates the flow of tears and increases eye blink – in consequence, the drug is transported quickly out of the eye.

Who wants to self-administer eye drops, washes the hands and frees the eye may be of ointment or fluid residues.

  • Then in front of a mirror, sit or stand and the head in the nape of the neck place.
  • Both eyes wide open and with the index finger on the lower eyelid slightly downwards slide. This is an open conjunctival SAC is formed.
  • Immediately before the Instillation to look up and blink as below press. A drop of the medicine then in the middle of the binding hautsacks drop. The top of the Tropfers must not touch the Lid for hygienic reasons.
  • More than a drop in the open lower lid is dropped, it reduces the effect.
  • After the Instillation, the lower eyelid release and close both eyes, but not squinting.
  • In order to distribute the eye drops, you should move the eyeball behind the closed eyelids for a bit, by looking up, down, right and left.
  • The eyelids should remain for one to two minutes closed.

A further method is not suitable for children, for example, or if the Instillation works in front of the mirror. In the process, the Patient lays flat on his back and closes his eyes. Then &ndash is; ideally, a second Person – a drop of the medicine into the inner corner of the eyelid given. Then the eyes are opened briefly. As a result, the drop of the horn is distributed to the skin. After that, the eyes still for a Minute, keep them closed.

Many eye drops are to the dawn, only four weeks long-lasting. Therefore, patients note the date of first Opening on the packet.


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