Dancing protects the heart and brain

Two studies show that Dancing is not only fun, but also the heart health and mentally fit. And that’s not all, because Dancing is also developing Stress – the best in the company. Whether it’s a standard dance, ballet, tap dance or Square Dance: is The selection of styles is large, so that everyone can find something for his taste.

Out of eleven surveys in the UK, where a total of 49,000 people took part, compared to scientists, the health effects of walking and Dancing. They found that both lowers disease the risk of death by heart, to Dance, however, significantly stronger. However, at least a moderate intensity for the positive effects required a bit of pace is needed.

The researchers suggest that the benefits of dance for heart health are due to the fact that it is similar to interval training, for the movement of high and low intensity alternate. In addition, Dance is a stress-reducing Hobby.

But not only the aspect of physical movement in Dance to Wear: In another study, it was shown that the Learning of dance choreography also increase the mental performance and the natural aging of the brain can slow down.

To add to that, finally, positive effects of social activity. Therefore, the researchers advise that the best of a group or a course to join, instead of dancing alone around the house.