Conversations with the patient? Uninteresting – it brings no additional revenue

What exactly is the appeal of Doctors in the current star?

In the star have 215 Physicians and 19 state organizations found the demand that there should be so that patients in German hospitals oversupplied or under supplied. We all carry a price tag on our forehead when we come to the emergency room. And then we will be sorted then in a so-called flat rate System in two drawers. The a are lucrative and not to be operated on, when you are at three in the trees. And the other, threaten with a minus business. The be sent away, whenever possible.

The conditions in German hospitals are really so bad?

So, it is honestly worse than I imagined it would be. I’ve spoken with more than 100 Doctors, many of the young interns, doctors and to the presidents of professional societies. And the Scary thing is: Almost all of the describe coverage actually the same grievances. It’s always about the toxic mix of high economic pressure and the case-based lump sum System with its disincentives for Übertherapie. An example that is particularly discussed a lot these days: patients are often ventilated for much longer than necessary, because it is extremely lucrative. 24 hours, € 25,000 – then, for example, more money than in case of complicated operations. But: The longer you respiration, the worse you get rid of it and with the ventilation time, the probability increases that it comes to life-threatening complications. On something like the Economy takes a little consideration.

How did it come to this misery?

In the 90s, this is spills so transferred properly to Germany, there was a hit among politicians, the spectre of the explosion of Costs in health care. And the Doctors was snatched from the Director about the health care and hospital management, because you don’t have to get the grievances of previously under control. All the politicians at that time believed in the neo-liberal slogan: Nothing works better than the free market. It is becoming more and more deficient were sold to hospitals, to private institutions and corporations, their part expect the commander-in-chief double-digit returns. The Power was in many places laid in the hands of economically-trained business leaders, and the case flat-rate system was introduced in 2003. One of the objectives was that the hospitals are forced into a competition against each other.

And what that means for the everyday lives of the Doctors?

It is the basic rule applies: What is not documented in the case-based lump sum System, it can not be settled – then the hospital gets no money. And that’s why every work needs to be documented step carefully. In the process, Doctors and nurses to document more than that you are on the patient. The administrative burden is increased according to the estimates on the Three – to five-fold. Conversations with the patient or the Thought and Investigate in the literature about the disease, the observation of the natural history of the disease, – all this is for the hospital administrations uninteresting, it brings no additional revenue.

There is a way out of the misery, and how this might look?

A Berlin health, suggests Economist base amounts, with which a part of the case-then it would disappear. And then small houses no longer have the pressure that they would have to compete for every lucrative cancer patients, for they are perhaps not suitable. And the great houses would not remain cost on the so-called Extreme cases sit. It is then discussed also about the fact that many of the small houses are placed together to form larger. That, however, is extremely controversial. After all, What would happen if one drives only a bare stroke of the hospitals progress, but not the Disincentives cares? Then everything would be as before, only with less clinics.

What is the star with the appeal to reach?

It will finally all join together behind a common denominator – even if it is only a minimal consensus. And under this appeal, as supporters, are actually spider enemy now. This is the New fact that the have now agreed on a compromise. And there’s more: The Doctors and the organisations can connect online to the Appel under [email protected] And then I hope that there is eventually, even the Federal chamber of physicians is that sent me namely a glib, cancellation, and applies until today, no comments. This is really controversial, because four state chambers of physicians in support of the appeal. And of the umbrella organization and the other state chambers of physicians: Only Silence, nothing on the Website, want to sit this one out apparently.

Are you a Doctor, or a doctor?

If you want to support the physician appeal (Read more here) in particular, please write to us at [email protected] The list of signatories is published on . In order to verify that you are really a Doctor, or a doctor, we need you to provide the following information (only to the point of 1-3 is released):

1. the full name

2. Specialist designation and function

3. Place of work

4. Employer

5. E-mail from a verifiable Account (e.g., your practice, your employer)

6. Helpful: Website appearance of your practice or your employer with information to you

You should see examples that show how economic pressures influence medical decisions, write to us about this. We will then confidentially contact you.

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