Conjunctivitis: home remedies or eye drops?

Red eyes, sticky eyelids in the Morning, itching, Burning, sensitivity to light and a feeling, as small grains of sand in the eye would be – these are typical symptoms of conjunctivitis. For the treatment of a variety of measures are suitable. Which house should funds be used and when a visit to the doctor is worthwhile, according to a pharmacist, Christina hunter from Bremen.

The conjunctiva in the eye acts like a protective film that prevents pathogens to infest the eye. Nevertheless, pathogens such as viruses or bacteria can penetrate and cause inflammation. But also draughts, smoke, dust or Pollen can cause inflammation.

When to see a doctor?

In the case of a suspected conjunctivitis should be consulted in each case, an eye doctor – in particular, if the vision is affected and, in addition, headache, Nausea, vomiting, or fever occur. Other symptoms for which patients should go to the doctor, are the following: purulent Secretions – especially in the Morning –, Foreign body in the eye, pain or pressure feeling on the eye, especially unilateral pupil changes, as well as a skin redness of the conjunctiva. "Even if the complaints persist or only one eye persist, a doctor should be consulted. The same applies if the eye problems, according to a long-distance trip, or an injury or SURGERY on the eye auftreten", hunter says.

Help from the pharmacy

A non-infectious triggers such as drafts behind it, can be treated a conjunctivitis for a few days in self-medication. For self-medication Tear substitutes include, in the Form of drops, ointments or gels with Carbomer, povidone, celullose derivatives, or hyaluronic acid. You don’t fix the cause of the complaints, to relieve this but. Also eye drops with anti – inflammatory and pain are still the active ingredient salicylic acid in the pharmacy available.

Home remedies for Bindehautentzümaking

In General, it is important to avoid triggering stimuli, such as Pollen or drafts. In addition, hunters can also, according to home remedies help to: Warm compresses Quark relieve the discomfort and have a pleasantly cooling effect. The Calendula also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Affected place for relief of the itching a warm envelope with marigold flower tea to the eyes. Another tried and tested home remedies, for example, an eye-rinsing with the cooled extract to the brewed medicinal plant eyebright. Alternatively, the Patients can place the tea-soaked cloth to the inflamed eyes. Also ointments and eye drops with anti-inflammatory content of these medicinal plants in the case of substances contribute to Healing of the inflammation. "Erroneously it is often recommended to chamomile, this can irritate the eye, however, in addition, allergic reactions or even germs into the eye and should urgently werden&quot avoided;, hunter says.

Allergic conjunctivitis is, it can be in the self-medication with antihistamines or mast cell stabilizers in the Form of eye drops treated – the latter must, however, be a few days in advance applied to their full effect to develop. Both agents bring no improvement of the symptoms, the doctor may prescribe prescription glucocorticoid-containing eye drops. Allergy sufferers it can also help to rinse the eye with an isotonic saline solution.


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