3 Things You Need To Do When Overhauling Your Health

There’s no doubt that maintaining (and even improving) our health comes with countless positive benefits but despite the payoff, the process doesn’t always come easily.

However, success starts with the first step. And that first step involves the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. Sleek, stylish and stuffed full of incredible capabilities, the watch (paired with the Samsung Health app) is the ultimate cheerleader to help you manage your wellbeing at the tap of a finger. Here’s how to use the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active to assist you to get healthy, holistically. 

1. Set your goals

Starting is always the hardest part but setting realistic, specific, measurable and meaningful goals is important for achieving success. Through the Samsung Health app* you can set targets for a range of health markers you want to hit each day including the number steps you take, how much water you drink, how much exercise you do, how much coffee you consume, your calorie intake, your stress levels, your weight, and your sleep quality. Despite the range of capabilities, don’t be tempted to overhaul every habit straight-up as you’ll end up feeling overwhelmed and falling off the health bandwagon pretty quickly. You could start with trying to hit two or three like getting 5,000 steps per day, moving every hour and drinking 8 glasses of water. 

2. Maintain motivation

For many of us, self-motivation can be a real struggle and staying psyched about our health goals can easily slip when life gets hectic. But having your objectives front of mind (with some friendly reminders to achieve them) can really help. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active has a range of faces – including the Health Dashboard – which display your progress throughout the day as you work towards nailing your goals. The watch also sends you notifications to move regularly when it detects inactivity and breath more when it registers your heart rate increasing. Each week the app will send you a report analysing your results to help you stay on top of them.

3. Amp up the effort

To prevent plateauing, you need to step up your efforts every now and then (*groans*). Fortunately, the Samsung Health app* provides a little healthy competition to help you do just that. The Together tab will allow you to join a range of global challenges with thousands of people around the world (including any mates who are signed up), to encourage you to hit milestones and earn rewards for your efforts. 

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*Galaxy watch Active is not a medical/therapeutic device. Fitness and health functions are for informational purposes only. *Using Samsung Health app with Galaxy Watch Active requires signup and pairing with your compatible smartphone.

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